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Databases to Articles, Newspapers, and eBooks

How do I access the article databases from off-campus?

First, make sure you download the Library app from Lean Library, that way whenever you come across any article or Ebook when on the Web or searching a Web store, you will get a notification if it's available in the Library's collection at no cost, followed with a link that most often will take you directly to the article or Ebook after you enter your W ID number and password.  Download the app at

Off campus login screen

To access the databases from off campus, you must log-in with your W ID and your Class-Web PIN.

If your Class-Web PIN does not seem to be working, go to Class-Web and after checking to see if your PIN is working (and if it is not) select Forget PIN, answer your security questions, check to see if you can login, and then before returning to the database link, CLEAN ALL YOUR COOKIES AND CACHE in your browser, first. 

If you still cannot get in, contact the Library at (510)723-7006.  We can give you temporary solutions to get access to some of our databases.

Articles and Ebooks databases page

For more help on finding articles, you can contact a librarian in a variety of ways on the Library Help Page.

Announcements from the Library

If you are having trouble logging in, PLEASE BE SURE TO CLEAN OUT YOUR COOKIES AND WEB CACHE in your browser, restart your computer or device, and then proceed.  If your password was reset to your birth date, please remember the PIN is 6 characters long (the day, month and year portions are two digits each-- the year based on its last two digits).



2.  YOU CAN ACCESS MOST OF OUR DATABASES OF EBSCO, PROQUEST, GALE, INFOBASE and FILMS ON DEMAND by following these directions at our Can't Log Into Databases page (in Canvas) or contact chat reference and specifically ask the librarian for the alternative means to get into your database.  (JSTOR, Kanopy, Science Direct, Project MUSE and some other databases--unfortunately there is no alternative method.  Contact chat reference to let them know you can't get access, though).

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT WHEN YOU LOGIN TO KANOPY, THERE ARE TWO SEPARATE LOGINS (and you need to login BOTH before seeing the film).  1.  LOGIN with your W ID number when the screen has the Chabot and Las Positas logos (password is your SIX DIGIT CLASS-WEB PIN).  2.  The separate Kanopy login-- set up a FREE Kanopy account if you don't have one and use your Email address as login (password for that one is whatever you decide).