ENGL 1 PUENTE: Essay #3: Research, then Write!: Search Terms

Fall 2020

Search Terms--Question #1

border; border patrol, recruitment, migra, training, benefits, impact, mental health

Search Terms--Question #2

border; border security; technology; surveillance; immigration patterns, human rights; human rights violations;

Search Terms--Question #3

border; border security; border wall; drug cartels; drug war; drug trafficking; narcos; immigrants; safety; violence; rape; deaths

Search Statement

Searching Library Databases


    • Sometimes less is more you will often have more success when you search if you look for just a few key concepts or key ideas
    • AVOID a complete sentence as your key concepts
    • Use quotes “” to keep all the words in a phrase together (i.e., “climate change”)

Q. What keywords & concepts phrases would you “glue” together to build your search statement?


concept #1

concept #2

concept #3

“immigration policy”

“family separation”


concept #1

concept #2

concept #3

“border security”



Search Terms--Question #4

border; immigrant children; border wall; family separations; trauma; violence; detention centers; missing children

Search Terms--Question #5

border; border security; immigrants; citizen vigilantes; border vigilantes; nativist groups; Minuteman Project patriots; militias, violence; human rights