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Business 010: Business Law (Patterson): Find Search Terms

This class research guide covers finding resources on Business Law, including finding court cases, legal reviews, and articles on your business legal topic.

Subject Headings

SEARCH VOCABULARY  Library of Congress Subject Headings Books

Sometimes the jargon you may be familiar with your discipline or in everyday language may not be the appropriate search terms when you are seeking for articles or court cases.  It does not hurt to write down your keyword terms as the list of topics Ms. Novak gave you.  But to help you, a librarian has looked through the Library of Congress Subject Headings as well as LexisNexis search vocabulary to provide you with more vocabulary terms to help you with your search.  Be sure to print out the Library's Search Guide to search topics on this assignment and carry it with you (copies of this guide are handed out to you on the day of your library orientation)


What "search terms" to use?

Using the correct words to search will help you find relevant information. Different authors and search tools use different words to describe the same concepts, so it is useful to have a list of similar and related terms in your arsenal when you set out to search for relevant information. The process of creating these alternative terms is called brainstorming terms or concept mapping.


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