Puente English 102 Research Project: Finding Sources

Why does the Chicano Movement matter today?

Information Timeline


The Information Timeline

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Search Terms:

When Searching the Library Catalog, consider using the following Subject Terms as your search terms:

Mexican Americans

Mexican Americans Education

Mexican Americans Social Conditions

Mexican Americans Ethnic Identity

Mexican Americans History

Mexican Americans Civil Rights


Chicano Movement

Chicana Feminism

Mexican American Women




Lowriders History

Lowriders Social Aspect

Mexican American Students


 Mexican Americans -- Social conditions -- 20th century.

 Mexican Americans -- Politics and government -- 20th century.

 Chicano movement.

Mexican Americans -- Civil rights.

Mexican Americans -- Civil rights -- History -- 20th century.

Knowledge is Power

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What else can I check out from the library?

Devices for Checkout!

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Scholarly Journals vs. Popular Magazine Articles

Scholarly Journal

Purpose -  report on original research or experimentation

Length - longer, in-depth analysis

Authors - expert or scholar in discipline, name and credentials provided

Language/Audience - jargon of discipline for scholarly readers

Format/Structure - serious look, structure (abstract, introduction, literature review, methodology, results, conclusion), always cite sources

Evaluation - reviewed and evaluated by subject experts and editors


Popular Magazine Articles

Purpose -  to entertain, to sell products, to promote a particular viewpoint

Length - short, broad overview, litle depth

Authors - staff writer/journalist, name and credentials often not provided

Language/Audience - simple language, general readers

Format/Structure - slick, attractive appearance, not a specific format, does NOT cite sources, lots of graphics

Evaluation - not evaluated by subject experts or editors