Puente English 102 Research Project: eBooks

Why does the Chicano Movement matter today?

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eBooks to consider:

The following titles can be found in our Library Catalog:

Brown, not white : school integration and the Chicano movement in Houston

Memories of Chicano history : the life and narrative of Bert Corona

"Mi raza primero!" (My people first!) : nationalism, identity, and insurgency in the Chicano movement in Los Angeles, 1966-1978

Lowriders in Chicano culture : from low to slow to show

Chicano rap : gender and violence in the postindustrial barrio

Eyewitness : a filmmaker's memoir of the Chicano Movement

Raza si!!guerra no! : Chicano protest and patriotism during the Viet Nam war era

Chicano students and the courts : the Mexican American legal struggle for educational equality

Enriqueta Vasquez and the Chicano movement : writings from El grito del norte

The words of César Chávez

Testimonio : a documentary history of the Mexican American struggle for civil rights

World War II and Mexican American civil rights

Encyclopedia of the Mexican American civil rights movement (ebook) ProQUest

No Mexicans, women, or dogs allowed : the rise of the Mexican American civil rights movement

Women and the civil rights movement, 1954-1965

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