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English 102 (Rajaram)--Just Kids by Patti Smith: Web Challenges

Challenges of the Public Web and Search Engines

Deceptive news stories (i.e. "Fake News") in social media is due to Bots (Software programs) creating phony IDs that "like" or link to these sources.  However, search engines have been manipulated this way since the birth of the internet.  Deceptive, phony, and racist websites have often appeared in the top of search results such as Google.  It is why you MUST look at public websites with SCRUTINY.

Deceptive and Disturbing Sites

Dr. Safiya Noble's Presentation at CARL, 2016

Stereotypes of Mexican Americans

Stereotypes are often reinforced by media and news stories.  Below is an example how cartoons could actually shape young minds to think particular races, genders, and types of persons in a very simplistic lens.  

Wounded Knee and American Indian Movement at the Oscars