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LIBS 001: Library Skills for an Information Society (Fall 2016: Mon & Wed, 1:00-1:50PM, 1 unit): Home

This course is open to all students. This class is part of the CIN! (Change it Now!) Learning Community. CIN! is a year long, accelerated writing and leadership program designed to empower students interested in social change, who would also like to trans

Welcome to LIBS 1!

Fall 2016: Mon & Wed, 1:00-1:50pm, 1 unit

Course Syllabus

Meeting Dates (Rm #s)

Assignment #1 (DUE: 10/17/16)

Assignment #2 (DUE: 10/24/16)

Assignment #3 (DUE: 11/7/16)

Assignment #4 (DUE: 11/21/16)

Assignment #5 (DUE: 12/5/16)

Assignment #6 (DUE: 12/5/16)

Catalog Description

"Introduction to academic libraries and information resources they provide, including development of search strategies, and the retrieval, evaluation, and use of information. Teach the effective use of print and electronic resources, including online library catalogs, reference sources, online periodicals and research databases, and the World Wide Web. This course will prepare students to resolve different information queries, problems or issues (both academic and non-academic) in a systematic way—locate, evaluate, synthesize and communicate information."

Course Outcomes

Upon completion of this course the student should be able to:

  • formulate a question based on information need
  • formulate a search strategy
  • describe the organization of information using library terminology
  • retrieve information from a variety of appropriate sources
  • analyze and evaluate sources
  • research an approved topic to create a Works Cited page

Subject Guide

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Pedro Reynoso
Personal Line to Call or Text: 510-862-0394

Office Hours

@ Reference/Information Desk

Mon: 10-12 & Thurs: 10-12


By appointment:

Pedro Reynoso

Office: Rm. 113 (Library, Bldg. #100, 2nd floor); 510-723-6767