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LIBS 001: Library Skills for an Information Society (Fall 2016: Mon & Wed, 1:00-1:50PM, 1 unit): Final Project

This course is open to all students. This class is part of the CIN! (Change it Now!) Learning Community. CIN! is a year long, accelerated writing and leadership program designed to empower students interested in social change, who would also like to trans

Final Project

You will complete an Annotated Bibliography (Works Cited) on a research topic of your choice using several types of sources such as books, journals and websites. In homework assignments you will identify appropriate sources to create citations and annotations for them. The Final Project will also include a four-page reflection paper + class presentation

Reflection Paper


Upon completion of your annotated bibliography please reflect and respond to the following questions:

1.) After conducting your research (annotated bibliography), what conclusions did you arrive to in regards to your topic? Did the research confirm OR challenge your initials thoughts about your topic?


2.) After conducting your research (annotated bibliography), what new research questions do you have about your topic?


FINAL Annotated Bibliography


Compile all the library sources you have gathered throughout the semester (see Assignments 3, 4, 5, & 6) into one document, a final Work Cited page (total: 18 sources).

Print your citations (from Noodle Tools) and  follow all the formal MLA rules and conventions regarding margins, spacing, alphabetization, etc. The Work Cited page should have a total of eighteen (18) reference (from Assignments 3, 4, 5, & 6).

Class Presentation--instructions