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Become your own Fact Checker with Library Skills 2!

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Welcome to Library Skills 2!

Spring 2018 Course Begins February 26!  (Syllabus and Dates to be Updated Shortly).   Enroll Now!


Welcome to Library Skills 2!  

In this course you will learn to become information literate--

you will learn how to:

  • find information
  • search information (in Library Catalog, databases such as EBSCOhost, World Wide Web and more)
  • select and evaluate information
  • organize information effectively

as we learn tips and tricks to become better researchers.   We will be learning Library Skills via the Pop Culture of News Satire and gaining the literacy and understanding of issues in both traditional and social media.  Throughout the course, you will gain research skills while you pursue a topic-- either on traditional or social media, a separate topic of your choice, or a topic you are pursuing in another class. 

To make sure you are exposed to as much skills and continue to practice between every class:

  • there will be at least one brief assignment due almost every class,
  •  a research project you will be pursuing throughout the class
  • a media literacy project of which you will have seen a film (or two to four episodes of an approved TV show),
  • and a final take-home examination

In addition to Searchpath (your online textbook), there will be essays I will be handing out throughout the class of which you are expected to read.  In addition, there will be both in-class and out-of-class worksheets, hands-on in class practice, and discussions with other class members sometimes in teams.

Be sure to look at the syllabus for more details.

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10 Things You Can Do to Pop Your Filter Bubble

10 Things You Can Do to Pop Your Filter Bubble

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