Library Skills 002: Cite

Chabot MLA Handout

MLA Handbook, 7th Edition

MLA Citation Handout

While you should have your own copy of the Seventh edition of the MLA Handbook, the Library provides a handout with most often used ciation examples.  You can access the online version here. Or you can come in and ask the reference librarian for a hard copy of the handbooks to use at the Library.

How to Read Citations in Databases and Cite According to MLA


Noodle Tools

Noodle Tools is a robust citation generation tool that helps you cite more accurately than most web citation generators. 

For this course use MLA Advanced and for the term project use the Annotation box to write your critical annotations.

Tutorial on how to use Noodle Tools

You Quote It, You Cite It!

You Quote It, You Cite It Icon

You Quote It, You Cite It! is Las Positas Library's adaptation of the Acadia University Library's tutorial on avoiding plagiarism.  Click here to take the tutorial.