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English 001 A (Hodsdon): Obedience to Authority: Assignment

Research assignments on Stanley Milgram's experiement, Nuremberg, Adolf Eichmann, My Lai, Watergate, Abu Ghraib, street gangs, Antigone and the Lottery.


Overall Theme:

Your research should focus on one of these major topics:

1. Over obedience to authority (relate to Milgram)

2. Abuse of authority (relate to Zimbardo)

3. Conformity as a social phenomenon (Relate to Asch)


  • Research reactions to Milgram's experiment
  • Nuremburg war crimes
  • Trial of Adolf Eichmann and banality of evil
  • My Lai Massacre and Lt. William Calley
  • Watergate scandal and abuse of authority
  • Abu Ghraib prison scandal and abuse of authority
  • Street gangs and conformity to social pressure
  • Antigone and The Lottery (Short Story by Shirley Jackson) versus obedience to authority

4 sources minimum. At least one article from a scholarly journal and a book