Introduction to Library Research (Instruction Guide): Ways to Search @Chabot Library

PSCN 20 (Barboza)

How to Filter Your Search

3 Ways to Search

Comparing Chabot Library OneSearch, Library Catalog and Databases

library one search text box

Part 1: Beginning Research---Search for Information in the OneSearch database; this is a great database for beginning your research (though not necessarily your last stop). It searches for articles and books from most all of Chabot College Library databases all at once.

This means you may get various types of sources, depending on your search terms and strategy (e.g. articles from academic journals, newspapers, reports, reviews, magazines, ebooks and books).

To get to Chabot Library OneSearch:

     • Open a Web browser and go to

     • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Library, you should now see the One Search Box

Try Searching:

                  • Enter a search term relevant to your topic in the box labeled “keyword” Click “Search”

  • What kinds of results do you see?

 • Add an additional search term, avoid sentences; keep your keywords to a set of short terms.

Tip: Use the filters on the left side of your search results to narrow your search. As you evaluate each source’s relevance,

consider its audience and purpose.











Click the Catalog Tab: 

Part 2: Using the Library Catalog---the catalog will find print books and eBooks the library owns.


Click the Database Tab:

Part 3: Selecting a Specific Database---you can also perform research by selecting a specific database relevant to your topic. If you are not sure what database to search you can also contact a librarian at the reference desk who is happy to help with all your research needs,

or if you’re off campus click on the Library Chat window.