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Anthropology 013 (Giovanola) Forensic Anthropology: Library Catalog

Research Topics

  1. Blunt Force Trauma (ch. 13)
  2. Projectile Trauma (ch. 12)
  3. Death, Trauma and the Skeleton (ch. 11)
  4. Estimation of Age at Death (ch. 9)
  5. Attribution of Sex (ch. 8)
  6. Types of trauma to body causing death (way too broad)
  7. Establishing Forensic Significance (ch. 3)
  8. Bone Growth and Age (ch. 9)
  9. Using wound analysis to identify uncommon miscellaneous trauma wounds (ch. 14)

Library Catalog


Library Subject Headings

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Forensic anthropology.

Human skeleton Analysis.

Human skeleton Growth.

Human body Composition Age factors.

Forensic osteology.

Blunt trauma.

Medical--Forensic Medicine.