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Library Skills 002 (Morrison): Web Searching and Comabating Fake News (as Provided by Norman Buchwald): WWW Home

Public WWW Sites Selected by Librarians

Public WWW Sites Selected by Librarians

Web Evaluation Checklist

Need a guide to help you with the challenges of the Web?  When you find a site, use the guide below. Hit the Printer icon to print and take notes.  Be skeptical!

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Google--Smart Searching

Smart Searching Google

1.  Log out of Igoogle or Gmail if you're logged on (otherwise you're in the filtered bubble)

2.  Phrases always in quotation marks.

3.  At Search Results page, click on the Settings option on the top right and select Advanced.

4.  In Advanced, Enter more terms in the top bars.

5.  Limit by domain (such as .edu, .gov or .org) OR limit by file type (such as .PDF)

You should NEVER have to go through millions of results ever again.


In general:

1.  I Feel Lucky is NEVER an option for a true researcher.

2.  Search Google with your Google profile turned off (Email, Igoogle, Google Docs, etc.)

3. Wikipedia entries-- only useful if you look at and evaluate what the sources are for the entry.  Wikipedia by itself is NOT reliable.

4.  Avoid ads (shaded portions, right side entries, etc.)