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This page is specifically for the Learning Skills scholars who provide tutoring in the Learning Connection.


Welcome Learning Connection Scholars!  This guide is to provide you guidance on how to provide effective tutoring on Library Skills including: general research, coming up with a topic, narrowing down topics, formulating search strategies, choosing the right database, why you should in most cases steer students away from Google at least as a first stop for research, how to cite sources and more.  

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How to Use This Guide

This guide is for you as Learning Connection Scholars to review and get ideas on how to help students who come to you.  If you need further help, the chatbox with a librarian is available to your left and there is nothing wrong of you and the student to head upstairs to chat with the librarian at the reference desk.  Given that, sometimes students come to you instead of a librarian as you are their peer and they may feel more comfortable asking help from you, even though librarians are always very happy to help them.  So yes, you can help, but if stumped, please remember librarians are here to help both you the tutor and the student in need.  

This guide helps you figure out what you can provide students with more quick, ready needs.

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Checklist for Students New to Libraries

  1. Ask the student if they have the assignment or syllabus with them and if not, if they can look at it on Canvas.  Sometimes looking at the actual assignment will save both you and the student much time!  
  2. Student should have a Student ID card in their wallet or purse as it is also their Library card.  If they do not have a Student ID card, student needs to go to Online Services (Building 700).  Card would be created within minutes.
  3. Databases are available off campus.  Student uses their W ID number and six digit Class-WEB PIN for access. If for whatever reason they do not have access, the Library has a page for alternative methods to some databases in Canvas.
  4. In Spring 2023, printing is free in the Library.  No GoPrint card is needed for printing (and for photocopying, cash is needed at ten cents per page).  
  5. Search terms in databases should in most cases be no more than two words per concept (student should think in terrms of nouns).  In almost all cases, when an acronym is considered a search term it should be spelled out (all words, regardless of length).
  6. For at least 90% of the time, Google or other public WWW search engine should not be used as a first place for research, due to issues of consumer driven algorithms and the bots that manipulate them.
  7. On desktops and laptops, student should use the Lean Library extension so student can be alerted when a Library resource may be available, often with a direct link to the source itself.
  8. Stumped?  Or student still needs help?  Ask a Librarian!  Chat is on the left side of this screen.  Also, there is nothing wrong bringing the student upstairs to talk to the Librarian.  Librarians are students' allies, but they may not realize it!  :)