Library Skills 001: Class Materials--April 16

Assignments and Handouts


  • When searching in databases, do NOT use long phrases.  Do not enter "stereotypes of women in the media."  Use the three concepts embedded in here:  Stereotypes AND women AND mass media.
  • Depending on your assignments, some databases are better than others.  For example, on women in the role of the United States President, in addition to Academic Search Premier, you may also want to search ebooks, GenderWatch, and JSTOR (which includes many political science journals).
  • MAKE SURE YOU NARROW DOWN YOUR TOPIC.  Four to seven sources on talk radio-- while interesting doesn't have much of a focus.  Four to seven sources on topics such as talk radio and its influence on its listeners or the history of talk radio in the United States and its impact in U.S. culture, OR how talk radio is like or not like social media would be much better focused (and doable to write later on in a brief research paper if you pursued that in another class).
  • In Works Cited lists, in addition to what was talked about on Tuesday-- When you list the name of the publisher (always followed by at least the city of the publisher and if needed, the state-- do not list parts of the publisher name such as "Press," LTD", "Inc." etc.  
  • The database name should be listed on the record for an individual item.  EBSCOhost or ProQuest are NOT adequate database names (they are the vendor that has more than one database)..

DUE TODAY: Web Evaluation Checklist

Preliminary Works Cited List: April 21 BEGINNING OF CLASS

By the beginning of class on April 21, PLEASE HAVE YOUR PRELIMINARY WORKS CITED LIST (with at least 7 sources), on A NARROWED, SHARPLY FOCUSED TOPIC ready to hand in.  My plan during this class while class members will be working on their annotated bibliographies either on Noodle Tools or Word, or Google Docs is to go over everyone's annotated bibliography of which I will provide you feedback including:

1.  If the cited work is correct (including punctuation).

2.  If your works cited list definitely reflects a sharply focused topic (narrowed down and/or more specific, well-refined).

3.  If you fulfill the MINIMUM required (1 book and 3 articles, 2 of those articles must be from a peer-reviewd journal)

4.  I can assist you quickly by looking these up and giving you an overall assessment and thoughts on individual sections.  Keep in mind that it will be done in a short time frame.  I'd like to try to hand these back to you by the end of the class.


Term Project Due: April 23

Take Home Final: Due April 24

Video Clips to Be Shown