Library Skills 001: Assignments


Information Literacy Assessment: Due February 26

This is a 25 question multiple-choice assessment that will NOT be graded except that you took it.  This is to better inform the instructor where your current information literacy skills currently are at.  


1.  Log into the Canvas course here:

2.  Select Library Skills 1 Sec E01 Spring 2015

3.  Select the Information Literacy Assessment tab on the left.

4.  Answer the 25 questions as best as you can.

5.  Instructor will receive your results when done and you receive credit for taking the assessment.

Databases Assignment Due:April 7 (previously March 24)

Databases Assignment (Has been revised!)

Click on the link above and print out PDF.

In-Class Assignments

In addition to homework assignments, there will be in-class assignments.  I may ask you to hand them in at the end of a class meeting

Quizzes on Searchpath

As you take the Searchpath interactive tutorial, you will take the brief quizzes at the end of the chapter.  On the last page, enter your name, and print out the quiz results.  Hand in the printout to the instructor.  NOTE: If you are using a MAC, you NEED to take the quizzes on FireFox.  They do NOT work in Safari.  Below are the following due dates:

Module 1: Mar. 3

Module 2: Mar. 5

Module 3: Mar. 10

Module 4: Mar. 12

Module 5: Apr. 9 (previously Mar. 26)

Module 6: Mar. 26 (previously Apr. 14)

Web Evaluation Checklist Due: April 16 (previously April 9)

Web Evaluation Checklist

Click on the link above and print out PDF.

Media Literacy Report: Due March 17

Media Literacy Project Page

The Assignment is due on March 17(print out the PDF and fill it out in pen)

Term Project Due: April 23

Term Project Page

Due Dates--

Original topic submitted-- March 19

Topic finalized--April  14 (previously April 7)

A list of 7 preliminary relevant (semi-relevant to totally relevant) sources (in MLA format)-- Only the Citations-- April 21 (previously april 16)

Term Project Due (Annotated Bibliography of 4 sources)-- April 23