Library Skills 001: Term Project

Term Project


The term project will focus on a Media Issue or another topic of your choice (including a paper or other project you are pursuing in another class).  Throughout the course, you will, while searching the Library Catalog, library subscription databases, and web search engines, find materials based on your well refined topic.

Format:  Either in the form of a paper, PowerPoint, web page or blog entry present an annotated bibliography of at least (FOUR, previously seven) sources you would pursue.  The (FOUR, previously seven) sources you select must be of this type—

1.      At least one book (whether entire book, book chapter, or reference book entry).

2.      At least THREE (previously four articles.  At least TWO , previously three must come from peer-reviewed scholarly journals and no more than one can be an editorial, if one is submitted at all).

EXTRA CREDIT-- 5%:  One public WWW site (must be authoritative and ideally close to a traditional publication—not an item retrieved from a library subscription database)

Optional (can be substituted for one of the articles).  A TV show or movie you used for your project.  Can be used to substitute for one of the articles, above.

(You can use more sources if you wish, but only need to supply A MINIMUM OF FOUR CRITICAL ANNOTATIONS to get up to 100%.  For the extra points, also supply an annotation to the one to three additional sources).


For the annotated bibliography

Write an introduction discussing your search experience, why the topic is important to you.

Then comes the annotated bibliography itself.  All sources go by the MLA format, 7th Edition.  The annotations are written in a paragraph format .  No more than two sentences discusses what the research is about.  The rest discusses why you selected the article, book chapter, WWW site in question.

Submit either the paper itself, or a printout of the website or blog entry. 

Presentation—5 minutes long.   Discuss to the class why this topic was important to you, what you were hoping to find about the research, perhaps say in detail at least one source (outside of the movie or TV show if used) that you found particularly fascinating and informative.

Due Dates:

Original topic submitted: March 19

Topic Finalized: April 9 (Previously April 7)

Preliminary sources: A list of  7 (previously 10) citations (stated in MLA format): April 21 (Previously April 16)

Term Project Due: April 23

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